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So, Why Review Pollution Masks?

Let’s get one thing out of the way before even getting into why I started this site: we’re trashing the earth and if we don’t make more conscious decisions with how we interact with the world around us, there isn’t going to be much left for future generations to enjoy. While combatting the manufacturing plants and large factories is a fight we can’t take on individually, we can take small steps to do our part to help keep the earth and our environment cleaner while influencing those around us to make better choices.

“Group think” and “learned behavior” are very real phenomenons and are some of the most powerful influences on humans and the way we act. Habits can be formed and broken surprisingly quick. Sure, some say that it take “90 days” to start a new habit or to lose an old one, but how many times have you found yourself putting off something like doing the dishes or making your bed, (just that one time) turn into a week of procrastination? Habits can be formed and also broken very quickly.

Not to go on too much of a tangent here, but bad habits can be learned from those around you. See someone fail to throw their trash away or simply toss a cigarette butt on the ground instead of in the ashtray 10 feet away? Well, “since everyone’s doing it” it doesn’t make a difference if you throw your trash away or put your butts in the receptacle, right? Wrong. Just like you can learn bad habits from others, you can help influence others to make better choices simply by doing so yourself. If you’re a smoker, squeeze out that cherry when you’re done and toss the butt in the trash or an ashtray. If you’re having your lunch in the park, don’t leave your trash just because others do so. These two examples might not directly relate to air pollution and or problem with PM 2.5, but they’re examples of realistic ways that you and me can help do our part to keep our Earth going for future generations.

The main motivation for me to start this site is to help those of us living in highly polluted parts of the world, like China, India, Pakistan or Turkey, find the safest and best pollution masks available. Whether you’re an expat living abroad with your family or a health-conscious local, we want to be here as a reference for everyone concerned with the adverse effects of exposure to pollution particles.

Here’s a view from my office on a pretty polluted day. As you can see, visibility is pretty crummy.

shanghai smog

Here’s a shot of the pollution levels on that particular day, thanks to the Air Quality Index. As you can see, the PM 2.5 levels on this particular day were extremely high, high enough to be labeled as “Hazardous”. I remember this day pretty well actually. I rode my bike into the office wearing a Respro Cinqro mask. While I was thankfully able to breathe pretty easily (as easy as breathing with a mask on can be), pollution PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles were still getting into my body through my skin and my eyes. I remember furiously blinking, trying to clear my vision and it not working. So while wearing a pollution mask will help keep these particles out of your lungs, they still find a way into your system…which really, really sucks. We still do what we can to reduce our exposure to airborn pollutants, which is the whole reason I decided to start this site.

shanghai pollution aqi

We both test and review pollution & PM 2.5 masks, as well as help aggregate reviews from around the web into one easy-to-access and sort website. There are hundreds of options out there for when it comes to finding a pollution mask, and all claim to do the same thing: filter PM 2.5 (fine particulate matter), but as you can probably imagine, results will vary. Also, depending on whether you’re looking for a day-to-day mask, a pollution mask for exercising or cycling, or are simply looking for a cheap, disposable mask to keep on you in case the AQI (air quality index) reaches dangerous levels while you’re out, we’ll hopefully have a review up or coming out soon.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of PM 2.5 or would like to check out some useful links to our favorite masks and other anti-pollution resources, please visit our resources section. If you’re interested in our top-rated picks, then head on over to our shop page and find the right mask for your needs.