Xiaomi Air Pollution Mask & Built-In Air Purifier

xiaomi pollution mask

I’ve said it before, Xiaomi is amazing. The stuff that they’re able to come up with and produce is at the same level or above their competitors but at an affordable price for the masses.

The most recent product coming from the geniuses at Xiaomi is an air pollution face mask with a built-in air purifier. Think about that for a second. One of the main reasons that pollution masks and pm 2.5 masks fail is due to air getting in through the sides or the mask or the fit not forming a proper seal with the face.

The mask seems to have been released at the perfect time, as we here in China begin entering “pollution season”. The latest Xiaomi mask is constructed out of a high-fiber textile and topped off with a hand-woven finish. This material will not only form to your face, but also help keep those nasty pm 2.5 particles filtered out. On top of that, you have a tiny PM2.5 air purifier attached to the mask with batteries that can be recharged through a USB part; smart, to say the least.

Word on the street is that these Xiaomi pollution masks are going for a mere 90 RMB, which is less than $13. Stay tuned and we’ll update you as to where you can purchase yours.


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