If We Don’t Stop Air Pollution, These Will Be The Latest Fashion Accessory

And you know what? That sucks. There’s nothing wrong with having a smog mask that looks nice, but to go as far as to say it’s a fashion accessory would really be awful. I don’t want to live in a world like that. Sure, surgical masks and the like are popular in Japan, but that’s a whole different story…

With technology being where it is, we’re set to have shoes that’ll let us fly, jackets that have built-in heaters, 3D printers to make or print out products purchased online…you get where I’m going. All that technology yet we can’t figure out how to keep the Earth clean? Sheesh…

Call me a pessimist, but I think these masks I write about here will be a regular part of your wardrobe sooner than later; even if you live in a country that’s not known for it’s pollution. Hell, California and even Texas have areas where the air quality is getting worse by the day.

Anyway, without delving further into a negative spiral about the world and how we abuse it, I’d like to give a plug to the folks over at Vogmask. They’re on the leading edge when it comes to making respiratory masks that keep those nasty particles out and protect those who are sick, have terrible asthma, athletes training in polluted urban environments and even those who attend certain music festivals.

Yes, you read that last one correctly. Vogmask was born from a mother and son who attended the popular Burning Man concert in the Nevada desert back in 2011 and realized that if they didn’t want to be breathing in sand and dust for days on end, then they’d have to figure out a stylish way to cover their mouth and nose. Boom – Vogmask was born!

They took the requisites a few steps further and made sure that their masks were capable of filtering out N99 particles. Oh yeah, and they also wanted to make sure that these masks looked good.

As you can see from their product line, they achieved what they set out to do and are now one of the most popular and most effective pollution masks in China. The masks retail for $20-30 (about 120-200 RMB) and are effective at protecting users from smog, allergens, viruses, bacteria and most importantly, pollution. Their filters are N99 rated, so you can put one of these masks on and rest assured that you’ll be breathing easier.

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