Making A Brick Out Of China’s Air Pollution?

Yeah, with such a headline I’d be skeptical, too. But, this actually happened. An artist in China just spent a hundred days walking around the streets of Beijing armed with a vacuum cleaner and a pretty heavy-duty respirator, with the goal of making a solid brick out of the air pollution. When I first came across this video, I was emotionally torn. I really gotta give it up to him for such a feat, but then I think about how I live a mere 800 miles south of Beijing and we’re often on the receiving end of their nasty air, especially during the winter.

Anyway, impressive is impressive. The artist, 坚果兄弟 (Nut Brother) spent about 4 hours each day wandering around the city with a 1000-watt shop vac sucking in the smoggy air. When he finally collected enough dust, he took it to a brick factory where it was mixed with clay and turned into an actual brick.  

While many people will balk at 坚果兄弟’s feat, claiming that mixing the dust with clay plays up the amount of particles in the air, you gotta give it up to the guy because this really makes a statement. Imagine if we had skyscraper-sized vacuums, sucking all the nasty shit from the air and actually putting it to use – seems too good to be true, but the technology is there.

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