Why Wear A Pollution Mask?

Studies On How Wearing A Facemask Will Protect Your Cardiovascular System From Particle (PM2.5) Air Pollution

Before we even get into the numbers and facts addressed in the studies linked here, it’s pretty common knowledge that extended exposure to pollutants in the air greatly decreases your cardiovascular health. An excess of (or even trace amounts, depending on sensitivity) pollution in your lungs not only will cause you to cough up nasty phlegm and have trouble breathing, you also run the risk of increased blood pressure and reduced heart function. Not to mention, the lining of your blood vessels and lymph nodes (endothelium) will slowly start to wear down, potentially dysfunctioning after extended exposure.

With capitalism and consumerism booming, continuing to put pressure on manufacturing, all we can hope is that we as a global community can work together with our government’s to address this before the inevitable pollution apocalypse takes a turn down a one-way street with no shoulder. Ok, that was a pretty poor pun for saying that if we don’t control and change the way we make things, we’re going to destroy this planet for future generations. Do you really want you children to grow up in a world that looks like this:

pollution in china

I didn’t think so. The problem is, that China knows about the issues with their manufacturing, as does the United States. Hell, China has even tried to censor a pollution documentary that went viral, titled Under The Dome: In fact, China tries to censor pretty much anything somewhat resembling a window to reality from its citizens. But I digress…

If you haven’t watched Chai Jing’s Under The Dome, please do so below:

So as you can see, breathing in exhaust fumes from vehicles for an extended period of time will put you on the fast-track to respiratory decline. Epidemiological research shows that extensive exposure to such pollutants also puts you at risk for arterial vasoconstriction, myocardial ischaemia and vascular endothelial dysfunction, among a laundry list of other diseases and health risks.


If you’re like me and are an expat living in China, then you’re probably already aware of the risks, but if not, then I’d like to direct you to an in-depth study conducted by BioMed Central. The study features 15 healthy volunteers recruited from Fuwai Hospital in Beijing. With the average age of volunteers being 28 years old, they were asked to walk through Beijing’s inner-ring road during peak commuting hours (8am to 10am), once with a pollution mask and once without one.

The study is absolutely fascinating and will no-doubt have you searching for the best pollution mask money can buy.

Even if you’re not living in China, it’s important to be weary of smog and air pollution from factory emissions, vehicles & cars, various dust in the air, pollen (if you’re sensitive to it) and general ozone gases. For example, according to another study conducted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, PNAS for short, shows that Oregon, Washington and California are even being affected by China’s manufacturing pollution that makes its way across the Pacific Ocean to the west coast of the United States.   

It’s said that this travelling smog is caused by a combination of increased production and manufacturing in China as well as their not-so-up-to-date environmental standards. These carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide gases making their way to the states greatly exceed federal ozone standards, which is crazy if you think about it. Imagine how deadly these gases must be in mainland China?  

If you need further evidence of the dangers of China’s pollution, check out this video from Mashable that shows pollution created from China manufacturers making it’s way across the Pacific Ocean to the United States.